The British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) was established in 1977 and is the UK’s leading general insurance intermediary organisation. BIBA represents the interests of insurance brokers, intermediaries and their customers, advising on key insurance issues. Membership includes just under 2,000 regulated firms employing more than 100,000 staff.
bibaWe have a long-standing working partnership with BIBA and the event organiser, The Campaign Partnership. This year we celebrated providing event services to 20 of their annual conference and trade exhibitions. Attended by more than 7,300 visitors, this year’s event held at Manchester Central (10-11 May 2017) discussed the challenges facing the industry and how these can be resolved.


The BIBA exhibition part of the event has grown more than twelve times since we first worked on the event in 1998, from 48 stands covering just less than 300 square metres to over two hundred now occupying over 3,300 square metres. This extensive growth has been achieved by continuing to focus on the smooth running of the conference and exhibition and ensuring meaningful engagement between exhibitors and visitors.

We were briefed to provide our full range of event services, including shell schemes, electrics, furniture hire, carpeting, graphics and registration for this increasingly popular event. Our flexible approach means that we can offer solutions to a range of issues to make it easier for exhibitors to participate at the event. One such innovation was the introduction of our “Shell Scheme Plus” package, introduced a few years ago to enables organisers to offer a finished stand at a set cost and to minimise the work load for exhibitors.


Despite the event’s continued growth, the build still takes place over a three-day window. Our strategy has changed accordingly to accommodate the larger show in the same set up timescale. 13 of the 204 stands took advantage of our “Shell Scheme Plus” package, which includes full graphic clad, furniture, carpeting and electrics. This couldn’t happen without detailed planning over the months leading up to the event to ensure every stand and area is serviced effectively. We started the planning process of the floorplan with The Campaign Partnership some nine months before the event.

In addition to providing our services for the stands, we designed and built several other areas at the event including the media zone, registration area and entrance feature. We also built four meeting zones, the catering areas and BIBA’s own stand. As in previous years the different areas needed to be visually distinct to encourage a steady flow of delegates and effective communication.

To service the event we provided over 2000 items of furniture and enough gangway carpet that would have covered the centre court at Wimbledon over five times. We also installed over ten miles of cabling for the electrics, with more than 1,000 electrical sockets.

With more than 35 individual exhibitors ordering full graphic clad, organiser signage, in addition to the “Shell Scheme Plus” stands and new branding on the BIBA stand, we began graphic printing well ahead of the event in March 2017 to ensure all graphics were completed in good time.


At the close of the 2017 event BIBA agreed that the objectives had been successfully achieved. BIBA will repeat the conference and exhibition in future years and hopes that the event will to continue to grow and attract a greater number of exhibitors and visitors.

This latest contract reflects Joe Manby Limited’s ability to work in partnership with its clients. Because of the efficient and reliable service we consistently provide, we are welcomed back year after year and are proud to contribute to the growing success of BIBA’s annual conference and exhibition.
Claire Chapman, organiser of the BIBA Conference, said: “Following another successful year working with Joe Manby Limited, I want to say a huge thank you to the team for their efforts and contribution to the event. They have become an important extension of our team and ensure that each year visitor engagement is improved through innovative use of space and high-quality services. We look forward to working with Joe Manby Limited in the future.”