Event services company Joe Manby Limited has expanded its ‘plug and play’ electrical system with the introduction of a discreet new EcoWire consumer unit.

Designed to be less obtrusive than a traditional consumer unit, the new unit has been developed in house by Joe Manby Limited’s electrical team, led by director Charles Paines who worked closely with the market leader in pluggable electrical installation technology, Wieland Electric.

Whereas previously the mains and sub circuits were plugged into the top of the unit, the new unit has been designed so that the plugs are slotted into recessed mains inlets and outlets at the side, keeping the top clutter-free and creating a cleaner line for better on-stand aesthetics.  Trunking clipped onto the top of the shell scheme helps to keep the cable runs neat and tidy.

This means that the company can distribute the mains on a block of stands more efficiently using Wieland’s new RST 32a connectors and install the sub-circuits neatly as they will now plug into the side of the consumer unit.

Says Charles: “We introduced our EcoWire system over four years ago with great success, but we are continually looking to evolve the product.  Our new consumer unit has been developed by our in house team together with Wieland Electric, using their new RST 32a connectors, which allows for smaller mains inlet and outlets.  This has created a more streamlined look, whilst still maintaining our ethos of being both practical and environmentally sustainable.  We are confident that the new consumer unit will be well received by our exhibitors as we strive to continue to offer a high level of service using quality products.  We aim to improve our existing quality stock levels by additional investment in more consumer units over the next 12 months.”

Says Mark Redfern, MD of Wieland Electric “We were delighted to work alongside Joe Manby Limited on the EcoWire system and initially provided a number of our RST32i3 and GST18i3’s in various codings to allow them to produce mock up systems in line with their strict working ethos.  We also supplied our assembled RST extender leads in a variety of lengths that were pre-assembled and tested in Wieland’s factory, allowing total flexibility and easy connection once delivered to site thus reducing installation time and minimising waste”.

The EcoWire system was originally introduced by Joe Manby Limited to help eliminate waste and improve the efficiency of its electrical installation service.

The new consumer units are being rolled out at events this spring
and were used for the first time recently at The London Bridal Show in Olympia.  Says Wendy Adams of Ocean Media Group “ Having much smaller units on the stands was beneficial, and many exhibitors commented on the new compact size being far less intrusive.  For a fashion event when exhibitors are very eager to ensure their stands look good, the new units were a great improvement.” 

The system allowed the company to replace time-consuming traditional hardwiring, which industry regulations dictated could not be reused after a show, with a simpler and swifter system that has reduced raw material wastage and can be reused on other events.

It is also highly flexible and facilitates the movement of fittings such as spotlights and sockets with the minimum of disruption.