Our electrical team have extensive experience of all the major UK venues enabling us to provide a reliable and efficient installation service to both organisers & exhibitors wherever their event is held.

We understand the importance to exhibitors of getting the maximum return from their stand space and experience shows us that appropriate lighting can enhance their presence at the event. As part of our service we are able to provide guidance and advice to both organisers & exhibitors to maximise the impact of lighting on their stand and ensuring that they have the correctly rated sockets for their appliances.

We provide a full range of fixtures and fittings.Guidance on socket ratings and our range of fittings is detailed in our downloadable Electrical Brochure below. 

We were one of the first event service providers to be issued with an ESSA (Events Supplier & Services Association) Certificate of Competency, which required us to provide ESSA with evidence of Professional qualifications, experience and length of service in the event industry, thereby satisfying the scheme administrators of our suitability for corporate membership.

Our fully-qualified installation personnel are registered with the British Exhibition Electrical Register and all work is carried out in accordance with the Exhibition Venues Association (EVA) "Regulations for Stand Electrical Installation".

If you have any questions or require further guidance on how to gain maximum benefit from your stand, please contact a member of our management team on 01423 814730 and they will be happy to assist you.