Sam Ahmadi

Event Manager

Sam joined the Company during the year of the revolutionary iPhone back in 2007 after studying Design at Leeds Metropolitan University.  He later left the Company to go travelling for 18 months where he spent most of his time jumping out of planes and from bridges to then living and working as a Graphic Designer in Sydney, Australia.  On his return to the UK, during the year of the revolutionary iPad in 2010, he was lucky enough to find a position available within the Company's design team. 

Initially employed as an Event Designer focussing on 3D stand visuals and 2D floor plan layouts, he moved to the management team in 2013 as an Event Co-Ordinator and he became an Event Manager in 2020.  Other self-appointed duties include Graphic Design and Photography.  He enjoys nights in and long walks on the beach…....joking aside, he spends a huge amount of his spare time with his new found love of photography along with taking on way too many hobbies for him to ever excel in any of them such as learning French, piano, snowboarding, mountain biking and rock climbing.