We take our impact on the environment seriously and are constantly improving sustainability throughout our business.

Reduce, reuse, recycle – we’re doing our bit to help the environment. From graphics to exhibition shell schemes, we create exhibition environments that are sustainable.

1. Think Multiple Use - our modular stands are made from high quality aluminium system, which allows stands to be reconfigured / amended. All our timber is obtained from sustainable sources.

An efficient, cost-effective and eco-friendly option over a bespoke stand, modular stands can also be easier on the pocket to store and transport.  Add bespoke features for a cost-effective lower carbon footprint across multiple shows. 

2. Carpeting - Choose sheet  stand carpeting which can be recycled after use. The residue pellets are used to make water barrels, bollards and playground equipment.

3. Lighting – LED energy-efficient lighting uses up to 90% less energy than traditional lighting. Our low wattage LED Illuminated products include spots, floodlights and illuminated lightbox fascias signage. 

4. Wiring - Our inhouse Ecowire system is a sustainable and reusable wiring system – reducing raw materials and minimising waste.

5. Graphics - Minimal ink wastage from our large format graphics printer makes a reduced impact on the environment.

6. Good housekeeping practices, meticulous cleaning, refurbishment, storage and transportation ensures our modular shell scheme systems are kept in prime condition, resulting in less waste 

We work to a strict environmental policy (Click Here)

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