1974 was the year that first brought us the Rubik Cube, the VW Golf, Ceefax on the BBC, a McDonald’s fast food restaurant in the UK and a public holiday on New Year’s Day.

It was also the year when husband and wife team Joe and Val Manby launched their own specialist business to service Harrogate’s growing events industry.

Having started out with just two clients, today Joe Manby Limited offers these services to events held across the UK,
has a portfolio of 75 events nationwide, a worldwide customer base, and a full time staff of 34.

The ­– 1 June 2014 – is our official birthday and marks our 40
th Anniversary Year.

As part of our celebration of this momentous occasion we have been engaging with our online community at Twitter with some ‘vintage’ facts dating back to 1974.

Our senior management team have also been digging into their personal photo archives to prove just how young they were back in 1974!

The company will celebrate its anniversary with a barbecue for staff at the Pavilions, in Harrogate, by way of a thank you.